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IEEE PES offers a variety of sponsor opportunities for companies like you to elevate your brand, increase ROI, and engage with potential customers. As a sponsor, you’ll be able to showcase your organization’s commitment to innovation, connect with industry leaders, and make a lasting impact in this growing sector of the industry.

To secure a 2025 sponsorship or explore a customized package, please contact us at (972) 521-9902 or email [email protected].

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Education stage OPPORTUNITIEs

Grid Edge attendees value insights on technology and trends in addition to networking and there is no better way to demonstrate your thought leadership than by sponsoring a technology stage. These five stages are focused on a critical topic impacting the grid and are located in high-traffic areas on the trade show floor.

Stage sponsorship includes:

  • Opportunity to provide introduction to stage’s highlighted invited speaker each day.
  • Two 30-min stage presentations (1 per day, content must be pre-approved by committee to limit commercialization). Topic must be relevant to applicable stage.
  • Sponsor’s logo to be prominently displayed on stage and included on the website/preshow promotions for the stage.
  • Sponsor’s logo to be on the sponsor board, sponsor page in program, on website and applicable onsite signage.

The 5 Technology Stages for 2025 are:

Artificial Intelligence
(AI) Stage

The AI Stage will be a hub of exploration, uncovering the latest advancements in AI technology tailored specifically for the grid edge. Discover the entire AI value chain as it pertains to grid edge technologies – from laying the groundwork for AI development to understanding its pivotal role in the grid edge ecosystem. Engage with our diverse tracks:

  • Preparing for AI, where we illuminate the data prerequisites for AI applications.
  • Infrastructure for AI, which demystifies the necessary infrastructure and its associated costs and complexities.
  • AI Frameworks, where we explore popular AI software libraries, tools, and algorithms being used in power systems applications today.
  • Development of AI applications, providing insights into the creation of AI solutions tailored for grid edge usage.
  • Security and Ethics, where discussions delve into the crucial aspects of ensuring security and ethical considerations in AI implementations.
  • Utility Perspectives on AI, exploring the utility needs and perspectives when it comes to integrating AI into the grid edge infrastructure.

Embrace the future with us as we chart the course towards a smarter, more efficient grid edge powered by the exciting potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Sustainability and Resiliency Stage

Sustainable and resilient energy is critical to modern society. Power and energy industry are charting the course to combat climate change and provide reliable power under all conditions. This stage will bring together industry experts to discuss the following topics:

  • Clean and renewable energy
  • Emission reduction
  • Energy and Building efficiency
  • Smart Cities
  • Energy availability
  • Reliability assessment under extreme weather
  • Power restoration
  • Power system hardening
  • Advanced Controls Enabled by DMS and DERMS
  • Resource adequacy and Fuel/Energy assurance
  • Microgrid
  • Energy/Environmental justice
  • Climate Change, Extreme Weather and its impact on Grid Edge
  • Workforce (sustainable workforce)
  • Resources and Supply Chain
  • Regulatory Influence, Incentives, and Penalties
  • Examples of Investment Prioritization and Decision-Making Procedures Case Studies

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Stage

The DER stage will explore the rapidly evolving landscape of distributed energy resources. This session will bring together industry experts to discuss how these technologies are transforming how we generate, manage, and consume electricity. Join us for a deep dive into DER systems, featuring:

  • Exploring the benefits of DERs
  • Integration challenges and solutions
  • Microgrid developments and applications
  • Energy storage solutions for DER optimization
  • Distributed generation technologies and advancements
  • Data analytics and IoT applications for DER management
  • Resilience and reliability enhancement through DER deployment
  • Standards development related to DER integration and power system interoperability
  • Regulatory frameworks, policy implications, and financing and incentives
  • Building a Collaborative DER Ecosystem: Explore how communities can work together to maximize the benefits of DERs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with industry experts shaping the future of distributed energy resources.


Electrification is expected to reshape transportation, grid infrastructure, utility planning processes, and overall energy systems. Addressing the expected load growth, as well as grid management and technology challenges are key steps towards unlocking the full potential of an electrified world. The Electrification Stage will provide an opportunity for different stakeholders including solution providers, municipalities, utilities, technology end users and others to share their insights, discuss key challenges and the future of electrification. From smart grid technologies to increased adoption of e-mobility, this stage will provide a unique opportunity to learn about today’s state of electrification and the potential paths to achieving a clean, sustainable, interconnected, and electrified world. The topics to be discussed in this stage include:

  • Technology roadmaps, advancements and limitations
  • Fleet electrification challenges and opportunities
  • E-mobility and charging infrastructure
  • Policies and regulations
  • Advanced potentials of electrification (e.g., bidirectional charging),
  • And more.

Startup and Innovation Showcase

Want to be part of the next big thing?

The Startup and Innovation Showcase Stage will feature startups dedicated to advancing the next generation decentralized, distributed, and transactive power grid. Selected finalists will be invited to showcase their solution at the “startup alley” located at the Exhibition Floor and pitch from the Innovation Stage to hundreds of corporate, venture and policy thought leaders. Premium Sponsors Receive:

  • Firm Name on conference Brochure & Website
  • Access to ALL Startup Applications
  • Firm Name & Logo on a Banner at Innovation Stage Area
  • 30-min Stage Presentation
  • 2 Invitations to VIP Dinner & Reception with Utility/Industry Executives (must be C-level)

The Grid Edge Innovation Challenge, led by utilities, private/public leaders and investors/funders, aims to foster groundbreaking solutions by connecting 180 leaders at 18 roundtables, inclusive of 6 – 7 selected startups each, to develop a potential funded engagement within 24 months that solves for a critical grid edge challenge

Premium Table Sponsor

Premium Table Sponsors Receive:

  • 2 Featured tables with organization logo for 10 leaders comprised of (6 – 7) startups, utility leaders, venture leaders, private/public leaders
  • 2 Featured discussion leaders at the table and opportunity to select start ups from vetted submissions
  • 1 Featured speaking opportunity (8 mins) during Innovation Challenge
  • Firm Name and Logo on conference brochure, website, app & Innovation Challenge Banner
  • Access to ALL Startup Applications

Table Sponsor

Table Sponsors Receive:

  • Featured table with organization logo for 10 leaders comprised of (6 – 7) startups, utility leaders, venture leaders, private/public leaders
  • 1 seat as featured discussion leader at the table and opportunity to select start ups (6 – 7) from vetted submissions
  • Firm Name on conference brochure, website & app
  • Access to ALL Startup Applications

Sponsoring networking areas or receptions offers the opportunity to increase visibility and build relationships with industry peers and potential customers. Secure your package to facilitate meaningful connections and foster a positive image among attendees.

Opening Reception

Who doesn’t love a great networking reception! Refreshments will be provided for approximately 3,000 attendees and exhibitors to network on Tuesday, 21 January kicking off 2 days of exhibits! Bars, food stations and music placed throughout.

Wine & Cheese Reception

Attendees will mix with exhibitors in the Expo Hall from 4:30 – 6:00 PM on Wednesday, night. Sponsorship includes:

  • Bar placed in sponsors booth if space allows
  • Logo recognition on event signage
  • Logo on cups or napkins at the bar

Exhibit Hall Lunch

Sponsoring lunch sets you apart from competitors and helps you stand out in the crowd. Attendees may be more likely to visit your booth or engage with your brand when they see the added value you bring by providing a meal. By sponsoring lunch, you contribute to their overall experience by offering a convenient, time-saving option for a meal. This is especially true as lunch will be provided both days the exhibits are open. This is a co-sponsorship for BOTH days.


Breakfast is served every morning prior to the Keynotes and Super Sessions, this is the perfect opportunity to mingle with attendees as they start their day. This is a co-sponsorship for ALL 3 days.

Refreshment Breaks

PES Grid Edge Exhibit Hall, 13 April 2023

Attendees are welcomed to the exhibit hall both mornings with fresh coffee and a bite to eat AND afternoon snack with refreshing beverage is included as well. The refreshment break co-sponsors are recognized at ALL FOUR breaks!

Branding / impressions

Put your brand front and center with various opportunities. Each offers a different opportunity to make your mark.

Power Lounge

Mobile App

Every attendee and exhibitor will have access to the mobile app. Be the exclusive sponsor of this great show resource. Attendees will have the official show Mobile App at their fingertips at all times. With them constantly referencing it for conference and exhibit details, you should be the exclusive sponsor of this great attendee resource. Benefits:

  • Branding on opening splash page
  • Rotating Banner on interior page
  • Custom Navigation Item on Home Page

Floorplan / Program

Have your logo on the front cover of the onsite schedule and floorplan with exhibitor. Benefits:

Hydration Station

Sponsored full day water station with supporter provided refillable branded water bottles.

Wi Fi

Make a lasting impression by featuring your brand on the landing page as attendees connect to the complimentary Wi-Fi network. This valuable service will be accessible across the event venue, including the bustling lobbies, engaging exhibit hall, and informative session rooms. By leveraging this opportunity, you can increase brand visibility and engage with attendees in a meaningful way. Stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable mark on every individual who connects to the event’s Wi-Fi network.


Conference Bag

Showcase your logo on a conference bag that attendee will use onsite and when they return home. Supporter to supply approved items.

Hotel Key Cards

Provide your custom branding on hotel key cards. Contacts for key production will be provided upon contract. Supporter responsible for all production charges.

B1M- Rotating Video Banner

B1M: Above the entrance to Hall B.


B1V- Rotating Video Banner

B1V: Above the escalators to Super Sessions.


6QW- Rotating Video Wall

Aisle Signs

$5,000 – 2 Available

AL B4 20′ x 6′ Banner

$6,500 – 1 Available

AL B5 15′ x 6′ Banner

$5,500 – 1 Available

B1LB2 51′ x 6′ Banner

$10,000 – 1 Available

B1LB4 15′ x 6′ Banner

$5,500 – 1 Available

b1lb9 23′ x 6′ Banner

$7,500 – 1 Available

b1l cw3 271″ x 96″ Vinyl wrap

$10,000 – 1 Available

b1l ed2 (e-h) 8.25″ x 1,072″ Phototex

$8,000 – 1 Available

New for the 2025 IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference & Exposition, sponsors will receive additional benefits and recognition by reaching pre-determined sponsorship levels. These levels enable companies to bundle the sponsorship opportunities that fit best with their brand and achieve their desired recognition, providing a range of options to suit the diverse needs and goals of our sponsors.

Sponsors reach these levels by choosing from the a la carte options above to reach the applicable spend amount.

These new sponsorship levels cater to a wide range of organizations seeking to enhance their visibility, establish thought leadership, and connect with key stakeholders in the industry. We encourage interested organizations to review the detailed benefits of each level and choose the package that aligns best with their objectives and budget. Opportunities are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Number Available
Number of Full Conference Registrations
40×50 Featured Technology Pavilion
Company logo placement: Program, website, mobile app, onsite signage
Complimentary E-blast to Attendees
Event Push Notification
Social Media Post: Sponsor Spotlight
Pre & Post Show Attendee Mailing List
IEEE PES Grid Edge Attendee Email Company Spotlight

To secure a 2025 sponsorship or explore a customized package, please contact us at: