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Utilities Save Big!

To provide utilities with more opportunity to experience the 2023 IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference and Exposition as a team, an exclusive Utility Saver Package is available providing potential savings up to $6,500! The packages are based on groups of 5 or 10, enabling different departments and teams within a utility to participate. There is no limit on the number of packages a utility can purchase and you do not need to be an IEEE or PES member to participate. This package is intended solely for utility companies. Non-utilities who purchase this package will be notified and a cancellation/refund processed immediately. 

Send up to 10 utility staff for $1,000 per package

Send up to 5 utility staff for $750 per package

To access the Utility Saver Packages, one member of your team will register using our online system. By selecting the Utility Saver Package, they will then receive a promo code that will allow remaining team members to register.

Join the utilities already signed up to be at the Grid Edge Technologies Conference & Exposition: