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EoT Alley™ – Powered by OATI 

EoT Alley™ showcases OATI EVolution EV Charging Solutions including EV Fleet charging and Vehicle to Grid charging, plus the energy industry leading OATI webSmartEnergy® DERMS — the utility-facing tool that captures the value of EV Charging.

The Energy Transition is the global energy sector shift from fossil-based to lower carbon emitting resources and to renewable and distributed energy resources (DERs) like wind and solar, battery energy storage, and microgrids. Consumers are becoming prosumers, and decarbonization and sustainability goals are driving forces behind the transition. And, in this new world, the boundary between transmission and distribution is blurring. Central to the transition is also the Electrification of Transportation (EoT) that does and will significantly impact the load utilities serve. 

EVolution, driven by OATI, a SMART EV charging solution for Station Owners and Fleet Operators fully enabling: 

  • Public and Private Charging 
  • EV Fleet Charging 
  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Charging 

webSmartEnergy® DERMS enables Utilities to capture the value of EV charging: 

  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) for Peak Shaving, Resiliency, and Economics 
  • Residential Managed Charging programs using Telematics 
  • Demand Response 

OATI GridMind®, an advanced DER/Microgrid Site Controller that incorporates EV charging load into site optimization objectives.