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The new Grid Edge Technologies event will be an immersive experience bringing together key stakeholders from different industries in multiple ways.

As part of a comprehensive technical program, five dedicated stages on the show floor will provide avenues for solution providers, municipalities, utilities, and more to engage on a number of focused topics.

The complete schedule for all five technology stages will be available soon. Current participants and sessions chairs are featured in the listings below.


Grid Modernization

Supported by Black & Veatch

Measure, analyze, predict, protect, and control the grid of the future to deliver resilient, reliable, flexible, secure, sustainable, and affordable electricity. 


  • System reliability and resiliency
    • Vegetation management
    • Weather events (prep and restoration)
    • DC systems/equipment
    • Asset Management & Systems
  • Metering/ Monitoring / Measurement Equipment
    • Innovative sensing tech
    • AMI
    • Power measuring equipment
    • Infrared equipment
  • Advanced Distribution System
    • Smart switches
    • Utility equipment
    • Load management
    • Transformer monitoring
    • Voltage reg
    • Indicators/detectors
    • Relays
    • System protection

Smart City / Smart Utility Connect STAGE

Supported by OATI

Cities are increasingly looking for Smart Energy solutions, ways to streamline city operations, become more proactive versus reactive, be better stewards of scarce resources like land and water, and enhance public safety measures. This Technology Stage will address convergence of Smart Utilities and Smart Cities, covering digital technologies, IoT, behind the meter solutions, algorithms and analytics needed to bring new and significant value to the grid as well as urban areas and their residents.


  • Smart City Platform and data communication requirements
  • Smart City/Smart Utility touchpoints, overlaps, gaps, and potential solutions
  • Role of Demand-side flexibility
  • EV Charge Management
  • Microgrid design and implementation for Enhanced Resilience

GRID Connectivity STAGE

Supported by Hitachi

Communication systems solutions addressing the diverse requirements of the intelligent electrical power grid.


  • Telecommunications
    • Broadband solutions
    • Fiber
    • Private cellular
    • Mesh
    • Comm security
    • Comm management
    • Cyber
  • Business Intelligence & Data Management
    • Data collection, mining
    • Storage
    • Cloud services providers
    • Data analytics
  • AI/Computing solutions
    • Computational tech
    • AI/ML solutions
    • AR/VR solutions
    • Planning/modeling/simulations

Distributed Resources STAGE

Supported by Eaton

Small-scale electricity supply or demand resources that are interconnected to the electric grid.


  • Microgrids
  • Energy storage
  • Energy management
    • DER management system
    • Demand response
    • Energy efficiency
  • EV
    • Auto OEMS
    • EV charging infrastructure
    • EV fleet management
    • Telematics
  • Distributed generation
    • Solar PV
    • Clean H2
    • Wind
    • Power electronics
    • Biomass


Supported by:

General Electric | Honeywell | S&C Electric Company

Located in the center of the show floor, the Startup Stage will feature early stage startups with promising solutions to revolutionize the grid edge. Featured startups will present their ideas in as part of a Startup Showcase!

Details on potential speaking and sponsorship opportunities can be found here.